Thursday, October 23, 2008

Genetic Engineering to the Extreme

We're all familiar with genetically modified corn and soybeans. Well, how do you feel about a genetically engineered steak? Yep, the USDA is considering allowing genetic experiments on animals (they are taking public comment, by the way. More info here). Apparently it's their attempt to reduce diseases and increase nutrients (which is already the case with grass-fed animals, but whatever). Funny, nobody thinks about changing the production standards . . .

Anyway, it's not just for the food supply. They also want to use them for cancer research, organ transplants, and production of insulin for humans.

I thought the USDA was bass-ackwards before, but wow.

Oh yeah, and they won't require anything on the label stating that it's a genetically-modified cow, so you won't even know. Don't you feel better?

My thing is, nature is already "perfect" the way it is. We are the ones that interfere, screw it up, and then try to fix it so that we can feel superior. Why can't we just leave well enough alone sometimes?

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Nicole.Ann said...

Dude, yeah I know, isn't this just completely insane and messed up?!

We read about it last year in class. The only response I can think of it that I'm VERY glad we raise our own beef and pork and know where they come from....though now I'm wondering if they will have to require "labeling" at auctions if that particular cow or pig has come from a line of genetically modified animals....

Makes me wonder.