Sunday, December 28, 2008

First Real Step Towards Dream

I have been working on my own little "business baby" for the past few months now. In short, a women's health products blog devoted to reviews and trials of various all-natural products specifically for women (and sometimes kids -- how can I leave that out?).

Today I posted a mission statement and some ideas that I have, and I would love if you all could take a look at it and throw in your two cents as well. I know it has a long way to go -- it's only in its infancy -- but I really enjoy and have good feelings about the future with it.

Check it out: Women's Health Products

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Life And All That It Entails

I haven't kept up on this blog very well since I've been working on a few other projects. More on that in a bit -- here's what's new:

We're thinking about West Virginia. I know, I know, even I have that "uh . . . why?" kind of feeling, but all prejudices aside it is a beautiful state and close to everything I love: DC, southern PA, family in Ohio (not so much the Illinois family, but unfortunately if we want mountains that can't be helped), the South, the East coast, and New England. We have to be in the mountains and WV is pretty much a point from which we'll easily be able to travel to a lot of different places. Plus, there's not a lot of development going on there which is very important to us. We've started looking at real estate prices and school districts . . . you know, all the important stuff.

Writing is going well. Because I've always struggled with having a career or having a family, I've taken the past month and a half or so to really sort myself out. Although I've felt some guilt over not having a job, I've made good use of the time and figured a lot out. I'm going to do both (career and family, that is). My mind is firmly set and for once, I have the focus and determination. Previously I've been known to get gung-ho on a project and burn out too quickly to see it finished, but I've been working on pacing myself. At any rate, I've decided that by the time we move next fall, my income will be enough for us to live on. We're both so passionate about raising our family together and not going through what we've seen so many people go through with jobs that now I actually have a reason to succeed. All my earlier attempts were for my own desires, but having a family changes that.

The baby's coming soon and I'm getting a little nervous. There's still so much to do to get ready, and we don't really have that much stuff for her (clothes . . . diapers . . . blankets -- you know, the essentials). I know it will come in time but I still stress a little.

All things aside, we're doing really well. We feel like we finally have our dreams figured out (for the most part anyway) and a goal and plan to reach them. Part of me is dreading moving again so soon, but I just want to feel settled. I'm tired of being in-between like I've been for the past five years. It's time to go home, and if home is where the heart is ours has always been in the mountains, in the South.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Why I Feed the Birds

Because I need to be reminded of life. Birds, by their very nature, are life itself: graceful and delicate.

Because I need to be reminded of happiness. The music of hundreds of birds is joyful, not tainted by fear or pain.

Because I like to take care of them. What better joy is there than to provide a basic need for something so uncomplaining? It fulfills some intrinsic craving I have to make everything ok for everyone.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

On the Road Again . . .

In October, that is. Being unemployed and all, we've been doing a lot of talking lately about the direction we want our lives to go.

We realized that we don't want to be stuck in Illinois, that we're ready to truly feel settled. Being here kind of feels like being on a bus stop, just another pause on the journey.

So, we're going to head south. We're planning a road trip for sometime this spring to scout out the potential areas, and by next fall we'll be packing up. We have a lot to do before then, bills to pay off and a savings account to build up; however, it feels good to at least have a direction. God willing, that will be the resting place for our hearts . . . May my restless spirit find some peace . . .

I've been putting quite a bit of time into building up a passive income for us. Slow going, but I've got determination. It's all part of the dream, baby.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Part of our Dream Home

We found a plan/pictures of a guesthouse that we both just love. By the way, one of our dreams is to design our own log cabin in a beautiful area of the country . . . possibly Tennessee. Anyway it's so cute! We want to get some property that has a trailer or something on it while we're building the guesthouse, then live in the guesthouse while we're building the main cabin. Then our families will have a place to stay of their own when they come to visit! Now I have to find barn plans that I like . . .

Seriously, at least look at the picture: Tiny Log Cabin

What do ya'll think?