Monday, September 15, 2008

Plans for Next Year?

Well, the past week at Jon's farm saw us beginning to tear out some of the old tomato plants. Being five months pregnant, there's a lot that I can't do so I've been sticking with the simple stand-bys: cleaning garlic, onions, and salad mix. I'm still able to learn quite a bit though from the tidbits of info that are dropped throughout the day and the myriad of questions that I ask (maybe not really a myriad, but I try).

Kenny and I have been talking about what our plans are for next year when the baby's born and moving on with our farm dream. If we don't move to his uncle's to begin planting, we think maybe we'll both work on Jon's farm. We'll be able to split the day in two so we could both work for a few hours, then be home with the baby while the other one went in. The convenience of living five minutes away allows that, plus I would feel a lot less overwhelmed at the thought of having him so close so we could help each other as much as possible. The thought of him working at his current job next year, in which he does twelve hour days five and a half days a week, completely overwhelmed me. I can't take care of a newborn by myself for that long! Plus, we'll both be able to learn more about planting and be a little more prepared for our own farm than we are right now.

Still, we would like to at least begin the business so we can start counting on some extra income. We're thinking about doing dried flowers to sell online and at the market, as well as perhaps doing selling some container gardens at the market. We're lucky to have a great area that is very supportive of local farms, and the farmer's market is a big deal every weekend. I guess there's really no way to tell how well we would do with the dried flowers, except to try it. The time to begin actually chasing my dreams, instead of just researching them, is fast approaching.

It's a little scary, but still exciting. :)

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