Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Own "Bucket List"

Been reading a book on personal goals and financial planning. While I know that this has little to do with the topic of my blog, I think the most interesting blogs to read are the ones with a human touch. So, with some thought, I've added my (so far) list of 25 things to do before I die, in no particular order.

1. Get another Harley by July '09
2. Go on a cross-country Harley trip
3. Publish a book
4. Be self-employed
5. Learn to swing dance
6. Go white water rafting
7. Create a widely-read blog
8. Backpack Alaska
9. Go on a "croc boat" in Louisiana
10. Get pampered in the Poconos
11. Take a steamboat down the Mississippi
12. Go sky diving
13. See the Derby Day fireworks in Louisville
14. Watch the Iditarod in person
15. Get horses
16. Visit New York at Christmastime
17. Eat a meal by a world-class chef
18. Learn to shoot better
19. Develop some skill on the piano
20. Travel New England in the fall
21. See the Aurora Borealis
22. Visit Prince Edward Island
23. Spend a month in Canada
24. Camp in Montana
25. See our baby smile

The creation of such a list is actually liberating. I discovered a little more about myself: just a year ago, I wanted to travel the world . . . I still do, but now I'm discovering the world in a new light. I'm fascinated by the changes that becoming a parent is bringing. Simply feeling our baby move inside of me brings a thrill that I think otherwise I would've spent my life looking for. Of course traveling is still one of my dreams, for my restless spirit will never go away, but I'm learning that there's a certain peace and contentment to be found in family, and right now I'm really happy. :)


Rusty Shackleford said...

Let's go to Alaska together! Our respective men can tag along too. It'll be fun !!!!!!!!

The Adorkables said...

Jeremy and I thought it would be cool to get married at night under the Aurora Borealis. Okay, I think I just butchered the spelling. :-S My own life aside, :-S, GREAT list!! :-D