Sunday, December 28, 2008

First Real Step Towards Dream

I have been working on my own little "business baby" for the past few months now. In short, a women's health products blog devoted to reviews and trials of various all-natural products specifically for women (and sometimes kids -- how can I leave that out?).

Today I posted a mission statement and some ideas that I have, and I would love if you all could take a look at it and throw in your two cents as well. I know it has a long way to go -- it's only in its infancy -- but I really enjoy and have good feelings about the future with it.

Check it out: Women's Health Products

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Sasha said...

Very cool! Help me be more healthy! :) I subscribed to it (along with your Travelers blog!) so I can get some regular motivation to make some healthy changes.

One point of criticism though is that some of your posts sound a bit advertise-y instead of review-y. If you write more objectively and maybe even compare various brands against each other then it comes across a bit more scientific and reliable. Otherwise, as an unsuspecting reader, how do I know I'm not being scammed by someone who is either peddling her own products or is being paid by other companies to peddle theirs? I like the word peddle.

Some suggestions for content: I want to begin an exercise routine that I can do in my house. You had a post about pilates, which is great, but what kind of DVDs or websites can a "just-beginning-can't-endure-too-much-work" type of girl find the most effective and useful? Also, what kind of small steps can I begin making (foods to buy/avoid, specific vitamins or an overall supplement to start) to help me along in the right direction? Overall, maybe just a starting point for novices. I know that a lot of people who would be interested in your site may be in a similar situation as I am- sick of being unhealthy, ready for a change, but needing guidance in starting from scratch. I liked your post about what to ask companies about their vitamin supplements! But honestly, I am too lazy to call a company and ask myself. Chances are, the reason why people just pick-and-grab the first thing they see is out of time management and convenience.

Love you much. How've you been? I haven't talked to you in awhile and I miss you! Hope my super long comment is okay... don't mean to sound overly critical or anything! I think what you're doing is great! You've always been so good at coming up with ways to make people aware of nutrition and healthy stuff. You should add an RSS subscription feed option to your page. Better yet- you've already gotten the domain name, get a good website from Wordpress or something and really make yourself look official! I can help with Web stuff if you want! :)

<3 <3 <3 <3